Surcharge (Core) Policy

When diesel injectors or pumps are purchased from Tehnomotive Africa, a “surcharge” policy will be placed. Tehnomotive Africa adds this surcharge onto your purchase. When you return your old units (old “cores”) to us, we will refund you the full surcharge price on the condition they comply with our policy below. If you do not understand this then please do not hesitate to call us via phone or email us for further explanation. OLD UNIT (CORES) SURCHARGE POLICY: 1. All units must be returned to us within 30 days of invoice / receipt date. 2. All units returned must be like for like and in a serviceable condition i.e unit must be complete with all parts attached and no physical damage to either injectors/pumps). 3. Failure to comply may result in the unit(s) being rejected or only part of the surcharge being refunded. 4. Pumps must be drained of fuel and placed in a plastic bag. OUR CARRIERS NOW FINE US FOR ARRANGING COLLECTIONS THAT LEAK FUEL. WE CAN GET FINED UP TO $250 FOR LEAKING PARCELS, WHICH THE CUSTOMER IS RESPONSIBLE FOR AND THIS CHARGE WILL BE INCURRED IF NECESSARY.